What to do if battery is blinking?

Remove tank, pull out positive pin that is on the bottom of the Dime 1000mg Tank.

What to do if I have a leak?

Due to unforeseen transportation and storage environments, leakage can occur to all tanks, however the cart is still operational. Additionally please make sure you are fully charging your battery. Low battery can add to leaking and clogging. If severe leak, we will need to handle an exchange that can take up to a week. If an exchange Is required, please provide the delivery information and receipt for us to coordinate the swap. Note, care must be taken into not allowing the product to overheat under any condition.

What is the best temperature to store my device?

Do not expose the device to heat in excess of 95 degrees.

What will cause my device to overheat?

Overheat situations:
1. left in car
2. left in sun
3. store upside down

What is the best way to clean my device

Excess oil, or any lint and dust that may collect from traveling with your device can be easily cleaned with rubbing alcohol and a cotton wipe.

What to do if my glass breaks on my 1000mg tank?

Dime Industries uses lab grade stainless steel and quality glass, due to this if product is dropped, product can break. For your safety, please discard the device if it is broken or damaged.

What is the best way to store my device?

Always store your device in the upright position. Use the the battery case for storage and always store in a cool place away from natural sunlight.